Luna Bonvie is a research and project assistant at the Dialogics of Justice project. She studied International Public Law (MA) and is currently in the final phase of the MA Philosophy of Law and Governance. Her legal master research focused on the possibility of legal reparations in instances of shared legal responsibility, with a specific focus on the genocide in Srebrenica and the role of Dutchbat. Besides her work at the Dialogics of Justice project, Luna works parttime as a legal advisor for the Ministry of Justice and Security.


In the Dialogics of Justice project, Luna offers a legal perspective on the civil court cases discussed and the role of legal reparations. Her philosophical background thereby allows her to have an interdisciplinary perspective and makes her aware of the limitations of the legal domain. Luna’s main fields of interest include statehood and statelessness, colonization and systematic wrongdoings. More specifically, her interest  lies in the role of states in the protection of (human) rights.  She is currently working on her thesis for the master Philosophy of Law and Governance, where she is exploring the relevance of the framework of human rights for civil court cases from a philosophical perspective.