Marrit Woudwijk is a PhD candidate at the University of Humanistic Studies (UvH). She obtained a master’s in Conflict Studies and Human Rights and a bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies (major in Anthropology). Her previous research focused on truth construction, remote warfare and civilian harm, laying bare power hierarchies in representations of war in its aftermath.  Previously, Marrit worked as a lecturer at Utrecht University (UU) and currently she is also an affiliate researcher at the Intimacies of Remote Warfare Project at the UU. 


In the Dialogics of Justice project, Marrit Woudwijk examines the case of the army. Her research centers around the question: how is justice sought, allocated and perceived in the aftermath of humanitarian/military operations? Examining both the Dutch contribution to the UN-mission in Bosnia, as well as more recent Dutch involvement in Iraq, her research aims to uncover narratives on justice and their intimate relation to narratives of war through qualitative (field) research. She has a particular interest in human experiences of those who ‘fight, suffer and live’ inside wars, relationalities in (post-)war situations and systems of war.