Keti koti dialoogtafel is actief burgerschap

Some say that talking about the past of slavery polarises. The opposite appears true. At the Keti koti dialogue tables happening all over the Netherlands currently, we talk together about the role of this history in our lives now, and in the society we are part of. This creates a shared narrative: our past of slavery connects us

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Attended events

25/03/2022 – Twinning Symposium ‘Restorative Justice’ 

On 25 March we were invited to contribute to the final symposium of the ‘Twinning project: Restorative Justice Suriname and the Netherlands’ at the Faculty of Law at Maastricht University, organized by Jacques Claessen.   Researchers and professionals from Suriname and the Netherlands have started a collaboration to extend their knowledge of restorative justice, its […]

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