Nicole L. Immler

(Oral) History | Memory Studies | Transitional Justice

Nicole Immler is the principal investigator of the ‘Dialogics of Justice’ project. She will synthesize the findings of the dissimilar cases of (historical) injustice studied from a dialogical approach, developing a more profound understanding of the role of the social and institutional dimension in recognition and repair questions.

Niké Wentholt

Transitional Justice | Narratives Studies | History

Niké Wentholt works as postdoc researcher in the Dialogics of Justice project. She will synthesize the legal groundings of all cases studied by writing a socio-legal analysis, which will further socio-legal approaches to justice and recognition and be developed into a toolkit. 

Obiozo Ukpabi

Economic and Social History | Transitional Justice | Dialogic practices

Obiozo Ukpabi examines claims for justice brought against oil and gas company Shell by (former) residents of the Niger Delta. 

Naomi Ormskerk

Criminology | Victimology | Psychology

Naomi Ormskerk studies the case of the Catholic Church. She is particularly interested in how family narratives on justice measures are established following historical (sexual) abuse perpetrated by clergy.

Former members

Marrit Woudwijk

Conflict Studies | Anthropology

Marrit Woudwijk studied the case of the army. Her research investigated civilian harm in military interventions and justice practices in its aftermath.   

Luna Bonvie

International Law | Philosophy of Law

Luna Bonvie worked as a research and project assistant at the Dialogics of Justice project.