Nicole L. Immler is historian, working on the afterlife of historical injustice (World War II, colonialism), exploring why the past still matters. She is professor of Historical Memory and Transformative Justice at the University of Humanistic Studies, linking in her work History, Transitional Justice, Memory Studies, and Oral History. 


In the ‘Dialogics of Justice’, Nicole Immler studies several recognition claims addressing colonial wrongs, exploring the question: what is meant by the notion of recognition and repair? Having identified certain problems in her earlier research on the Indonesian-Dutch ‘Rawagede case’ (Immler 2016, 2018), she aims to substantiate her findings via comparative research, including Dutch (Indo European, Caribbean and Antilleans community) and international cases (UK/Kenia, European countries/CARICOM) in the analysis, to categorize the problems and identify alternative solutions. 

With her earlier research Narrated (In)Justice, exploring how (in)justice is re-narrated across generations, she was Marie Curie Fellow in the program ‘Understanding the Age of Transitional Justice’ at the NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Exploring the ‘Rawagede case’, a court case on Dutch war crimes in Indonesia’s war of independence, resulted in a prize-winning article (BMGN 2018).  Beforehand, in her PhD, a meta-biography on Ludwig Wittgenstein, she theorized the concept of family memory (2010), further developed in her Post-doc The afterlife of restitution when examining the dynamics between family memory on the Holocaust and reparation politics (2012). 



Bosnië is veranderd, terwijl wij zelf stil zijn blijven staan

Immler, Nicole, Siri Driessen, Jeannette van Brenk (2022) ‘Bosnië is veranderd, terwijl wij zelf stil zijn blijven staan’, Terugkeerreis veteranen vanuit een relationeel perspectief. In: Military Spectator No 6,352-359 Read here: ‘Bosnië is veranderd, terwijl wij zelf stil zijn blijven staan’

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Op-Ed in Trouw by Niké Wentholt and Nicole Immler on Court Ruling Birthmothers v The State

03/02/2022 Empathy from the Court is not enough when the State refuses to recognise institutional failures. In an op-ed in Trouw, Niké Wentholt and Nicole Immler analyse missed opportunities in ruling on Birthmothers v The State. Comparing the ruling in the case of the Birthmothers (Afstandmoeders) with other cases such as Foundation Japanese Honour Debts, the authors […]

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Podcast on the Keti Koti debate with Nicole Immler

01/07/2021 Nicole Immler participated in a podcast hosted by the University of Humanistic Studies (Utrecht). On the 1st of July each year, the celebration of Keti Koti marks the abolition of slavery in Suriname. Nicole and student Farach Winter talked about the importance of dialogue and the meaning of reparations, especially in light of the […]

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Opinion piece on colonial history as shared history

11/03/2020 Opinion piece from Nicole Immler in the Dutch newspaper NRC on the public apology made by Dutch King Willem Alexander for the ‘excessive violence’ on Dutch side during the indepence struggle of Indonesia. She argued that current public debate on colonial violence does not sufficiently recognize the need for a broader process in which […]

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