14/04/2023 – Litigating Just Climate Futures – TEGL Workshop, Amsterdam

The workshop, which was held at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) was organized by members of the TEGL research project, a collaboration between the law faculties of Maastricht University, Open Universiteit NL, Tilburg University and the UvA. Participants from academia and practice examined how the positions and arguments of judges and the litigating parties in climate cases intersect with questions of justice and the resulting distribution of opportunities, burdens and risks. Domestic and transnational litigation have proven to be a powerful tool for holding governments and corporate actors accountable for the damage caused by their historic emissions and their failure to make sufficient plans and policies towards decarbonization. Yet, the visions of climate justice that are compatible with, and achievable through, litigation remain largely unclear. Obiozo Ukpabi delivered a presentation on ‘Legacy issues in transnational litigation against fossil fuel companies’, focusing on how companies that disengage from extractive sites to meet their (court sanctioned) emission reduction obligations, leave the contexts behind in which they have operated for many years.