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6&7/07/2021 – Conference ‘Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Transitional Justice’ hosted by Loughborough University (UK)

All team members of the Dialogics of Justice project have participated in the two-day virtual conference on Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Transitional Justice, hosted by the Loughborough University Centre for Research in Communication and Culture. The versatile program included panels on Transitional Justice and Politics of Recognition, Transitional Justice and Memory, and Transitional Justice, Human Rights, […]

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Podcast on the Keti Koti debate with Nicole Immler

01/07/2021 Nicole Immler participated in a podcast hosted by the University of Humanistic Studies (Utrecht). On the 1st of July each year, the celebration of Keti Koti marks the abolition of slavery in Suriname. Nicole and student Farach Winter talked about the importance of dialogue and the meaning of reparations, especially in light of the […]

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Opinion piece on colonial history as shared history

11/03/2020 Opinion piece from Nicole Immler in the Dutch newspaper NRC on the public apology made by Dutch King Willem Alexander for the ‘excessive violence’ on Dutch side during the indepence struggle of Indonesia. She argued that current public debate on colonial violence does not sufficiently recognize the need for a broader process in which […]

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