Naomi Ormskerk is a PhD candidate at the University of Humanistic Studies (UvH). She studied Health Care Psychology (MA), with a focus on the forensic field, and Clinical Psychology (BA). Previously, she worked as a Criminology lecturer at Leiden University and VU Amsterdam and as a researcher, focused on systemic effects of addiction and on both victims and perpetrators within, amongst others, closed institutional settings operated by the state (such as prisons).


In the Dialogics of Justice project, Naomi Ormskerk studies the case of (sexual) abuse in the Church. Naomi aims to answer the following research question: what do survivors need to feel that justice, framed as recognition, has been done following historical abuse perpetrated by clergy in the Netherlands? By simultaneously studying both the cases of (sexual) abuse in the Church and forced labour imposed by nuns affiliated with the Congregation of the Good Shepherd, and by examining both victim-survivors as primary victims and their families as secondary victims, her research aims to study multiple narratives regarding the pursuit and distribution of justice. She will specifically investigate how a systemic approach can contribute to a broadening of justice mechanisms. Naomi has an interest in the relational and multigenerational aspect of victimology and justice.